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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Princess Eugenie of York, 18, daughter of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew Wales, Duke of York, took part in a naked celebration at her private school outside of London. The teenage princess is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II

According to The Sun, Eugenie has attended Marlborough College in Wilts for five years at a reported cost of $44,700 per year. She and a group of students decided to let their hair down and shed their clothing in an impromptu middle of the night romp that involved dancing and nakedness.

The young women had been partying at a local pub prior to returning to campus at the end of the evening. A senior staff member awoke to shrieks of laughter and witnessed a dozen females dancing nude in the moonlight.

The incident is reportedly the talk of campus. Those implicated received a stern lecture and were told not to stay at school on weekends. This incident sounds like something Fergie would have really enjoyed at the same age. As for the Queen, she’s likely worked herself into a Royal snit.

Eugenie, sixth in line to the royal throne behind several male cousins including Prince William and Prince Harry, celebrated her 18th birthday by doing a Tatler magazine photo shoot.


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