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3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Power of Magic Words

Magic words, those words we may not use in polite company are a form of thought control and behavior modification. Political correctness has never saved anyone from anything and exists solely to divide and seperate the only race that counts, the human race, which exists in many forms and color variations

The caller stated she was black and her husband was white and that this created racial situations for her when her husband's white friends came to visit. I am not sure that when white people mention black culture to black people that their ...intent is to racially demean black people, but if simply mentioning race is inherently racist, then by that loose definition the caller was a racist as well because she defined her situation by race. The caller quickly switched from saying that Dr Laura used "the N word" to actually saying "nigger, nigger, nigger" for some reason, perhaps that reason was she felt that she was entitled to use the word becuase she is black and that Dr Laura was not because she is white. If that was the case then that is racism.
However, how do we really even know that the caller was black and or if she is married to a white man?...its a tangled web of media induced confusion perhaps designed as a promotional tool ?

When someone says "The N Word" they are saying "nigger"

A Black Guy Responds as to why he doesn't care
Wait,... so a persons self esteem is directly related to how they are affected by racist language ?...that makes a lot of sense !

How a word gets its power ?

Do words have different meanings depending on the context ?

Watch this to see how sensitive you are to certain words specific to how they are arranged and the forum in which they are presented (NSFW) !

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Politicians Suck - The 911 First Responders Bill (HR 847)

Ok a little background after the events of 9/11 2001, many New York Cops, fireman EMTs and volunteers who responded to the emergency have become sick due to the toxic environment. Some received medical care through their benefits plans which... eventually expired and were not renewed, most did not(voluteers have no benefits)...So there has been a $7.4 BILLION Federal bill proposed that would provide taxpayer care for these people. Now Here's the SUCKY part...

The Democrats in congress have had enough votes to pass the 911 first responders bill(aid for the sick) since 2007.It was originally held up to keep Republicans from adding ammendments, but since 2008 the democrats have held a super majority which allows them to deny republican ammendments. So whats the reason for the current hold up ?...The Democrats have added on controversial immigration legislation to the bill. This is being claimed correctly by the republicans as a procedural trick by the democrats. This trick is to make the republicans look like they are against a bill which everyone supports(911 first reponders aid)or if they vote yes that they support the immigration legislation...The trick is used to create leverage that can be used in the up coming Novemebr election for the democrats, meanwhile the first reponders continue to suffer...and that sucks!


How does this guys sleep at night? a baby

RUSH LIMBAUGH actually gets this one right !


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