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3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mr Methane to blow away audiences !

Hey , Numerologists this is Mienfoks post #2222 !!!

The world's only full-time performing flatulist is promising to "blow away audiences" at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Mr Methane, alias former train driver Paul Oldfield, will reveal his unique skills in a show called An Audience With Mr Methane.

In it, he tells broadcaster Martin Kelner how his 'talent' came to light when he accompanied his sister in yoga practice.

He discovered - to his surprise and delight - that he was able to take in air through the rear, retain it, and then expel it as and when he chose.

At first, it was nothing more than a party trick to entertain fellow railwaymen, but eventually Mr Methane found that by careful control, he could pick out a simple tune.

He gradually expanded his repertoire, which now ranges from Strauss's Blue Danube waltz through to Kylie Minogue's I Should Be So Lucky.

Using audio visual aids, Kelner will tell the Methane story, and may join him on a moving rendition of Da Doo Ron Ron, "performed fore and aft".

Mr Methane will tell how he conquered the Howard Stern show in America, did sell-out tours in Australia, and became a star on Japanese TV.

"He wanted to call it Working My Passage but I persuaded him not to," reveals Kelner.

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