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Thursday, December 6, 2007


he International Rhino Foundation offers holiday shoppers a unique way to show their special someones that they care.

The organization is auctioning "endangered feces" on eBay to raise money for conservation efforts.

The rhino poop auction began Friday. Four separate pieces of dung will be up for auction:

The White Rhino: Tied with the Greater One-Horned Rhino as the largest species of land mammal after the elephant. 14,500 left.

The Black Rhino: The population of this rhino decreased 96 percent between 1970-1992. 3,725 are left.

The Sumatran Rhino: Likely, the most endangered of rhinoceros. 275 remain.

The Greater One Horned Rhino: Along with the Southern White Rhino in South Africa, the Indian Rhino is one of two greatest success stories in rhino conservation. 2,619 Indian Rhinos remain.

Sadly, the Javan Rhino is so rare, its feces could not be obtained.

"Not only do rhinos need our help, every aspect of rhino biology is fascinating," the foundation's Web site explains. "Including, pardon us - rhino poop."

The IRF provides a wealth of information about Rhino poop on its Web site that's oddly, utterly fascinating. Here's a sampling of Rhino feces facts:

• Rhinos disperse seeds from trees and shrubs in their feces that will eventually grow into new trees and shrubs.

• Rhinos that poop in water provide food for fish.

• Rhinos use piles of dung to mark their territory.

Each piece has been dried and mounted in a box. The auction ends Sunday to allow time for the packages to get there by Christmas day.

On Friday, the lowest bid was $100 for White Rhino feces. Sumatran feces had the priciest bid at $500. Shipping is $16.

All proceeds benefit the IRF's conservation programs.

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