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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Valerie Begue was crowned 2008 Miss France earlier this month. She is now embroiled in an attempt to strip her of her the crown and title because of some suggestive photos that have surfaced.

The pictures of the 22 year old beauty queen show her floating in a pool on a wooden cross in a Christ like pose. Another photo shows her licking condensed milk in a provocative pose.

The newly crowned Miss France refuses to relinquish her new title. She indicates that she did not give her permission to the individuals who published the photos and is therefore not responsible for the firestorm they have caused. The 800,000 residents of the French island of La Reunion are backing their hometown girl but, unfortunately for Begue, they don’t have any say in the matter.

The pageant organization has decide that Begue must relinquish her title, which is not without precedent. The 2004 Miss France was suspended from performing her duties for six months after photos of her surfaced in Playboy magazine. Right now Begue is holding fast to the title, refusing to standdown. Things could get interesting.

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