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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Alizee Poulicek is the newly crowned Miss Belgium. She ran into a bit of a problem during her coronation when it became apparent she does not speak the native language Dutch.

In her defense, she can speak fluent French, English and Czech, but the headlines across the region proclaim that the newly crowned Miss Belgium does not speak the language of sixty percent of the inhabitants of Belgium.

The gorgeous model has a Belgian mother and a Czech father. She lived in the Czech Republic until six years ago when she migrated to the French speaking city of Huy, Belgium. Living in the south region of the country, she apparently had very little reason to learn Dutch.

Her reaction to the uproar that has spread across Belgium? She said she would have been more upset if they had called her ugly. Careful Miss Belgium - your vanity is showing.

Check out the next page for more photos of the stunningly beautiful model and beauty queen.

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