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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Victoria Schattauer -NAUGHTY CHEERLEADER ?

Here are the photos that got Victoria Schattauer fired from her job as the partially nude cheerleader coach for the freshman team in Goshen, Ohio. She posed for a topless photo with an cheerleader girl that she partied with. See her pictures and biography below.

The uncensored picture is the one that got her fired.

Victoria Schattauer is the cheerleader coach for the high school in Goshen, Ohio. She is 19 years old and too naughty for the locals to keep down. Goshen is a sleepy town in rural Ohio with 13,000 people. That means about half the population regularly parties with cheerleaders. Kidding, okay?

The topless picture was taken at a party in Blanchester Ohio, and all heck broke loose among the locals. What happened next will forever go down in the lore of small town USA. The photo was emailed around town. The school board fired her pretty ass for reportedly providing alcohol to a minor at a party hosted by Andrew Emerson, who was assistance coach for the squad. He also got his naughty butt fired for allegedly partying with minors.

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