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3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show

3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show
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Thursday, November 22, 2007


In separate radio interviews yesterday, Brady and cornerback Randall Gay responded to criticisms that the Patriots are running up the score. Brady, in his weekly interview on WEEI, responded passionately when asked if the starters are staying in too long. "We're still trying to make improvements and we're trying to play extremely well," he said. "We're not trying to win 42-28, we're trying to kill teams, we're trying to blow them out if we can. You want to build momentum for each week, you don't want to be up, 42-7 or 35-7, and all of a sudden you look up and it's 35-21. We don't want to be part of that, you don't want to go into next week realizing that for the last 18 minutes of the game your team didn't play well, or didn't play up to its capabilities. You gave other teams momentum for the next time they play you, or you gave another team a reason not to be intimidated." Gay, on ESPN Radio's "Game Night" program, said, "It kind of makes me mad when you hear somebody from the other team's defense going, 'They shouldn't have done that; that's disrespect.' Do we think it's disrespect when they went and picked up their checks for letting a team score 50 points on them? That should be disrespect; that you went to your owner and said, 'All right, pay me for that game I just played.' You can't look at it like that. You have to go out there and do your best. If somebody is blowing you out, you have to play harder. You have to stop them."

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