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3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show

3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show
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Saturday, January 5, 2008


Kevin Mulhearn, the woman's lawyer states "This [the commercial] was a bait and switch."

It has been viewed more than 50,000 times on YouTube. The woman is very angry over her appearance in the spot.

In the 35-second video, which is available below, the model can be seen rubbing herself and receiving pleasure while the "bump and grind" music is played in the background. At the end the company's slogan "Jewelry works every time" appears on the screen.

Mulhearn says that "She was aghast, appalled and extremely angry when she saw the ad. She got used and exploited."

The woman was hired November 2007 after attending an audition. She had responded to an ad for a male and female actor for a "Viral-Web-Spot."

She was reportedly only compensated $200 for the ad and no release form was signed to allow the use of her image by Szul, according to internet reports.

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