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Monday, December 8, 2008

United Homeless Organization - Not so Homeless ?

Are You Hoed Out if You Donate to the UHO?

From The Gothamist

Today's Post once again blows the lid on what has long been a not so well-kept secret: that the folks around town who sit alongside the jugs labeled UHO (for United Homeless Organization) actually keep that money for themselves while merely paying a $15 a day fee for the jug and a folding table. The Post labels them "glorified beggars" and talks to one who says that the jug is like "giving a homeless person a suit." They also speak to a college student who was irate and told them, "I want my quarter back. That's ridiculous." The paper also reports that UHO does not have the required license to solicit on the street and accuse them of "murky expenses" coming from the nearly $100,000 in contributions the organization reported last year.

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joe said...

Few problems with your post. Get your facts streight befor you go perpetrating rumors.

1) All a charity needs to solicit funds from the public on the street is to be a registered charity with the COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE and have it's tax ID number.

2) The HRA licence that the post is talking about is for when a charity wishes to solicit public funds from the government (grant money from taxpayer dollars). It is NOT require if the company does not wish to use those funds. The UHO does not recieve these funds as reported on it's tax papers.

3) I have known dozens of the individuals behind these tables and seen them aiding the street homeless with food, clothes, information and at times even money.

This program was designed to give the person a way to physically get from sitting on the concrete to getting back into society.

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