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3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show
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Friday, December 5, 2008

Sony Unveils BRAVIA - Drome Zoetrope !

From Geek.Com
Like all other LCD televions Sony’s BRAVIA line will be a a favorite pick this holiday season. Unlike everyone else though Sony’s advertising spots have set the televisions apart from the competition more than a larger panel or improved backlighting ever could. Their famous advertising spots (specifically the Balls, Paint, and Play-Doh rabbits) touting BRAVIA’s “color like no other” have been viewed by millions of people on YouTube and has gained mention as some of the best commercials for any consumer electronics product.

Sony is back again, teamed up with the Fallon London advertising agency and soccer star Kaka for another ambitious commercial spot. This time it’s a 10m zoetrope that spins at over 40 kph, which Sony is calling the Bravia-drome. The purpose of the Bravia-drome is to show off Sony’s new Motionflow technology. MotionFlow allows BRAVIA televisions to insert transitional images into action sequences in order to increase smoothness at 240Hz that might otherwise be choppy, like high-speed sports (think a slapped hockey puck or kicked soccer ball).

The zoetrope in action

The ad was filmed in Italy, outside of Turin, with a huge crew and lots of extras. This time the shooting of the commercial is not so much the challenge as was the building of the zoetrope. The 10-ton structure took six weeks to build and took ten men about three days to assemble at the shooting location.

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