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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How TOM BRADY's Injury cost Fantasy Footballers $150 million ?

Tom Brady's injury is a bad thing for many people on a number of levels. Bad for the Patriots in the AFC East. Bad for Brady because his knee is kind of funked. And bad for fantasy owners, because according to Darren Rovell, if Brady is out for the season, his collective ownership will lose $150 million.

Here's how the math is done.

Brady's incredible year last year, which included a record 50 touchdown passes, meant that about 50 percent of the people who drafted Brady last year won their leagues, Thomas said. With the Brady hype not bought by all, Thomas said that it was believed that about 30 percent of leagues this year would be won because of Brady.

With about $500 million in fantasy prizes on the line, that's a $150 million shift in dollars. And some think that's at the low end of the spectrum since the total value of office pools is tough to ascertain.

See, I would have had it pegged for more -- there are TONS of fantasy football leagues in which none of the prizes are monitored by any website or agency of any kind. Hell, I'm in at least ... um, zero of them. Yes, zero.

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