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3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show
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Monday, February 25, 2008


The top four coveted Oscar awards went to foreign actors and actresses at the 80th Annual Academy Awards show last night in Hollywood. The last time the U.S. has been shut out in a foreign sweep was 1964.

British born Daniel Day-Lewis won best actor for There Will Be Blood; British born Tilda Swinton won best supporting actress for Michael Clayton; Spanierd Javier Bardem won best supporting actor for No Country For Old Men; and French actress Marion Cotillard won best actress for La Vie En Rose.

In 1964, the winners were Rex Harrison, best actor for My Fair Lady; Julie Andrews, best actress for Mary Poppins; Peter Ustinov, best supporting actor for Topkapi; and Lila Kedrova, best supporting actress for Zorba The Greek.

We’ve got some great photos of the winners, including one where Daniel Day-Lewis plants a big kiss on the surprised George Clooney.

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