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3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show

3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show
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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Cast Your Vote Here for * Best Video and you could win $25,000 !!!

from Mienfoks Pal GARP29

What we need is for the masses to come out and vote for our video by August 5. You can log onto:

...and register to vote. By participating in the voting process, you become eligible for a separate $25,000 prize. Not bad for a few minutes of your time.
After registering, you can search for our video by typing "Klondike Club" or "garp29." Apparently there is another video that uses "Klondike Club" so make sure it has our user name of ''garp29" attached. We entered the video in all 4 categories, so be sure to vote each time. Please foward this to your friends and family to help our cause (do I sound desperate enough)

I would like to thank the following cast and crew who took out of their spare time and helped make this project a successful one:

Shawn Amaro
Kyle Doris
Craig Rosenzweig
Ernie Privetera
Chrissie Mayer
Binu Paulose
John Warren
Ryan Perry
Chris Hendrick
Scott Manngard
Ed Smith
...and my beautiful wife, Anne

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