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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Eliot Spitzer's high-priced hooker, Ashley Dupre has hit the headlines yet again. And the latest reports sure seem to serve as salt in the wound to a disgraced former Governor, Eliot Spitzer. The New York Post is reporting that "Girls Gone Wild" honcho, Joe Francis, today offered $1 million for Ashley Alexandra Dupre to appear nude in a video and magazine spread - but then quickly rescinded the deal after realizing he already had steamy footage of the hot-to-trot call-girl in action when she was 18. And according to Francis her role in the episodes, or whatever you want to call them, were not just by any means innocent fun. Francis told the NYP in an interview earlier today that,

"She spent a week on the bus, where she engaged in girl-girl action and got nude," Francis told The Post, adding, "I actually think she had a sexual relationship with a cameraman."

Dupré, now 22 and living comfortable in New York, City was vacationing in Miami in 2003 when she had a fight with a friend and walked to a local bar where "Girls Gone Wild" was recruiting young women to star in its videos. And it was a done deal at that point, Ashley eagerly joined up and started going "wild":

"We noticed her wandering her around, asked her what was wr

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