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3PLT: Saturday Morning Alive Show
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is the Event ? - November 2010 & the 7th Galactic Underworld !

We are being told of a coming event, that will most likely change our world for ever. What will it be Aliens , Nukes, Financial collapse, Martial law...or all of the above ?...or like everything else are we just being frightened into giving up our energy to the fear vampires that try to control us ?

Jesse Ventura exposes secret FEMA camps ?

Glenn Beck lays out his 15 day financial apocalypse

Market Manipulated to prevent Deflation(lower prices)
I'm no economist but why would lower prices be a bad thing for the average working man

The Simpsons and the 11/6 - 9/11 sync

Or will it be a nuclear apocalypse ?

Was the Carnival Cruise hit by a missle?

An engine fire aboard the 952-foot cruise liner knocked the power out Monday, less than a day into its seven-day trip to the Mexican Riviera. Carnival said a crankcase split on one of the ship’s six diesel engines, causing the fire.

“It felt like an earthquake and sounded like a jackhammer,” said Amber Haslerud, 27, of Chula Vista.

The Magic Cruise ?

...and another missle over NYC

Anarchy (Violent Protests) in the UK

Is this just a case of Wag the Dog

Obama is in Asia outsourcing US manufacturing

Humanity’s climb of the cosmic pyramid continues. The actual Ninth wave will not begin until March 9, 2011 although we are already beginning to feel its approach. Before the final climb to the ninth wave and the ninth level of consciousness can begin we will however need to complete the foundation of the eighth level so that we have something to stand on. The eighth level of consciousness of the cosmic pyramid is what has been carried by the wave movement of the Galactic Underworld that began January 5th 1999 and, as all we nine waves will be completed on October 28, 2011.

As the thirttenth energy, or seventh day, of the Galactic Underworld starts on November 3, 2010 we may say that the particular Yin/Yang-polarity that this has been projecting onto the Earth is locked into position and will not be replaced by any further night in this Underworld.

Just looked upon at face value it would then seem as what we are to align with and celebrate on the weekend of November 6-7 (which follows upon the shift) is a world where the feminine, the intuitive mind and the eastern hemisphere comes to dominate since they would all be linked to this enlightenment of the right brain half. Yet, as we can see from the figure this is not exactly the case since the world was for about 5100 years dominated by the consciousness of the sixth wave where the light fell on the left brain half and so as a result favored the rational mind, male dominance and the West and this is sort part of the platform that we are all already standing on. Hence as the seventh day of the galactic Underworld is activated we will actually finally come to a point when it is time to celebrate the end to male, western and rational dominance and we will be able to create a balance between the different aspects of the human mind associated with the left and right brain halves.

It is from this fundament that we will soon begin our process into the unity consciousness that will be carried by the ninth wave that will be activated on March 9, 2011.

Carl Johan Calleman
Seattle 11 Imix, October 14, 2010

Dr Johan Calleman's Mayan Calendar

...and now FOXNEWS is revealing WTC Building 7 may have been a controlled demolition !!!

What to do what to do ?...Germany leads the way

The Don't Touch My Junk Guy !

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