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Monday, April 9, 2007


'Grindhouse' stumbles out of the gate

April 9, 2007

Bad-boy directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez (inset from left) fell victims to a box office bloodbath yesterday as their ambitious double feature "Grindhouse" bombed during its first weekend of release. The film -- a package of two movies honoring the low-budget horror flicks of the 1970s -- opened at No. 4 with three-day ticket sales of just $11.6 million, distributor Dimension Films said. Forecasters had expected it to hit the $20 million level. "Are we disappointed about the gross?" studio co-chairman Harvey Weinstein told Reuters. "I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't. I am disappointed." Of the "Grindhouse" directors, Weinstein said, "What Robert and Quentin did was a very noble attempt to re-educate American cinema-goers as to what's good and what was great about seeing those old double bills. They tried and the story's not written in one week when you do something this bold." The movies will be released individually overseas, beginning May 31, and Weinstein said "it's certainly something we could consider" for North American moviegoers, although there are no current plans for such a reissue. Will Ferrell and Jo n Heder (above from left) led the box office for a second weekend as their ice skating comedy "Blades of Glory" earned $23 million. The animated "Meet the Robinsons" held steady at No. 2 with $17 million, also in its second weekend. "Are We Done Yet?" debuted at No. 3 with $15 million. The family comedy starring Ice Cube has earned $19.1 million since opening Wednesday to get an early start on the Easter holiday. The Hilary Swank horror movie "The Reaping" opened at No. 5 with $10.1 million for the three days, and $12 million since opening Thursday. (Reuters)

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